Produção de Hidrogênio Verde no Brasil


Objective: Transform knowledge into business

Outcome: Creation of a MVP business model

Benefits: Development of entrepreneurial mindset and support for the development of the solution

Number of beneficiaries: 24 enthusiast teams (over the 3 editions)

Who can participate: Entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs established in Brazil with a minimum age of 18 years old; Innovative idea focused on the Green Hydrogen chain; Business model under construction.


All categories are based on the same three challenges: production, logistics and application of green hydrogen. However, each category has a unique focus, detailed on the pages dedicated to the respective categories and regulations.

Logistics: In order for the use of Green Hydrogen to be effectively expanded and considered a viable non-polluting and renewable fuel option, it is necessary that Brazil has a structure that allows the safe transportation and storage of hydrogen, from its production site to its final use site or export shipment sites.

What is an ideation program

The ideation program is a journey for enthusiasts to become entrepreneurs. Through a dynamic, hands-on methodology, participants work focused on deepening their understanding of the challenges and problems raised, and then set out to create an innovative solution to these challenges!

During the program, the enthusiast is encouraged to think in an innovative way to develop, in groups, projects with the objective of helping the growth of some factor that needs to be changed, thus solving real problems.

The projects developed can be done in several ways: applications, online platforms, prototypes, or whatever is most feasible taking into account the context of the challenge and the enthusiast's experience! In other words, EVERYONE can participate!

Why should you participate?

You will meet people from different professional fields, learn new techniques and give visibility for interested companies to know your work and know what you are capable of. Ideation and innovation programs are excellent opportunities to show your skills, competencies and talents to companies that need good people and intrapreneurs.

How does it work?

- Step One: You apply by telling us what your profile is, how we can talk to you, and why you want to be part of this great challenge!

- Step Two: Form your team! Before we start our ideation program, you will have some time to find your perfect team to create solutions for the challenges!

- Step Three: Let's get to work! Get busy and get creative to develop sensational solutions to the challenges. This is a two-week journey!

- Step Four: Evaluation of the best ideas and solutions created by the teams. It's time to show off all the team's work with excitement!

- Step Five: The best teams will be invited to join the acceleration journey, an immersion of transforming ideas into high-impact businesses and startups!

The challenges


- How to develop new ways of transportation, storage and conversion?

- How to innovate in filling station infrastructure and supply channels?